Telecall International Wholesale Division was created to support the company's retail part, which originally started in Japan, with voice services in 1998. From the beginning, Telecall Wholesale had internal pressure to provide high quality services with competitive rates in an extremely competitive market. With this philosophy, Telecall focused on the international market and achieved global coverage with strategic partners, obtaining today more than 600 interconnections with some of the largest operators in the world.

Telecall Wholesale Division, with an enormous capacity to deal with different markets and cultures, was able to support and adapt when the company launched in 2005, a retail product in the USA, one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Another challenge came in 2010, when Telecall decided to build its own fiber network in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and began offering business voice and data services.

In a short period of time Telecall has gained national and international respect, and made history by successfully participating in the Olympic Games in 2014 in Brazil.

After nearly 20 years of success and exponential growth, Telecall Wholesale Division is today known as a Global Carrier, with strong business relationships, able to adapt and deal with constantly evolving business challenges.