Toll free numbers (0800)/40XX Numbers Solutions for your company


The 0800 solution allows your customers to call the number of your company. The call is paid by the company and according to the type of connection originated and are connected directly to your company, from way you prefer, in your fixed or in an IP structure.

The 40XX solution allows your customers to pay only one call and the company pays for the transportation of the city from which the call to your destination, lowering the cost of the customer.


  • Customized Plans according to your needs

  • Possibility of integration with the VIP Callphone Call Center platform

  • Real Time call management

Features & Benefits

Simultaneous Calls

Possibility of receiving simultaneous calls directly in the company

Free or reduced cost calls to your customers

Possibility of zero cost for your customers for calls to the company with the 0800 and with the cost of only one local connection to the 40XX solution.

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