Telecall Brazil

Telecall Brazil


Our digital solution also allows your Home Office or long-distance employees to save on long distance and roaming calls (national and international) from a fixed number. Just by taking the device and connecting it to any internet point (broadband or dedicated link), it is possible to talk between extensions and to make a conference between calls and extensions, even if they are not in the company, by our Softphone application.


Telecall has invested in the last years in a fiber optic network of high availability, using underground and aerial infrastructure. Part of this investment was concentrated in the Olympic areas, and makes Rio de Janeiro one of the best telecommunications networks in Brazil. A true legacy of the Olympics for the city.

Dedicated Ip

CallNet is the business internet solution that offers 100% customized services that best fit your business. The service provides modern solutions using equipment technology and the speed you need.

Tempory Links

We provide temporary internet links to events with symmetrical upload and download speeds. With extensive experience in Shows, International Streaming, Seminars, Sports Events, Olympic Committees, among others. Secure connection and high performance through internet links via fiber optic and / or radio of high capacity and availability, accompanied by a 100% specialized team throughout the event.


It is an exclusive application for Telecall customers, which allows you to make phone calls from a fixed number, without the need of a conventional telephone set and without geographical restriction. The Softphone brings advantages like:

• Integration with IPBX Telecall (PABX In the cloud);

• Branch line on your mobile

• Zero cost for Connections between branch lines.

•Zero cost to receive Connection Of its fixed number;

• Transfer of Connections between extensions And external numbers;

• Higher productivity, Agility and mobility;


We have the perfect solution for your enterprise, commerce, hotel or event, with total monitoring and network management, so your customer has a great experience with your Wi-Fi. The client logs in via Social Network or filling out a registration, the choice is yours. This information can be used later for Marketing actions and this data can be exported at any time. We cater to the needs of each client, having a great cost-benefit ratio, quality performance and stability .

Geographic Number

0800 is an accessible number in any city / phone in Brazil, free for callers. The calls are connected directly to your company, however you prefer, in your fixed line or in an IP structure. 40XX The customer pays only one local call, and the company pays the transportation from the city from where the call was originated to its destination, reducing the cost of the customer.