Teramind is an employee monitoring software that records all activities of users' computers, with a risk management function and the productivity of each employee. Our solution identifies organizational weaknesses by discovering anomalies in the behavior of users who deviate from their normal activities in their department.

Teramind identifies user behavior with reporting, monitoring, and alerting. A user-centric solution to identify and manage all forms of risk, preventing the possibility of security breaches and decreased productivity.

How does Telemind Works?


  • Detection of internal threats

  • Full monitoring of presence or remote users in real time

  • Optimizing workforce productivity

  • Smart rules and alerts

  • Recording user sessions

  • Configurable monitoring profiles

Features & Benefits

Detection and prevention of internal threats

Teramind uses a lightweight and intelligent agent to collect and react to users' activities in real time. You can configure Teramind to automatically activate an alert, block an action, or a user for any abnormal behavior. With the tool, you can prevent emails from being sent, block uploads to certain websites, receive alerts when a user talks to a specific counterpart, and more.

Monitoring privileged users

Use Teramind to track and protect from remote vendors and privileged users. Allow administrators to only log in for a certain time or only allow them to sign in when you approve an exception request. Use Teramind to prevent administrators from writing to certain files, installing new software, and more.

Session recording

Our ability to record users' session is unmatched. Real-time streaming of user activity through the Panel, and if it is a playback, it can be accessed and viewed by an administrator from several platforms, including Smartphones and tablets. With Teramind it is possible to interact and take control of the user's Desktop in a potential real-time risk situation.

Smart Session Mining

Use Teramind to control any text that users see on their screens. Our technology enables real-time analysis and indexing of texts that appear in any application, including desktops and remote images. Search to see which users viewed relevant content through a quick search. Know which users saw texts that correspond to a competitor, a standard credit card number, or any other text that is relevant to your organization. Create alerts and allow Teramind to react to these occurrences automatically.

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