Networking with MPLS protocol for your company


Network training solution with MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switchig) technology that allows the prioritization of traffic within the contracted network. The packets of data trafficked in the network are marked with traffic priority labels with QoS (Quality of services) within the contracted link. Ideal for companies that want to form a network with quality, high availability, secure and with prioritization of traffic within it.


  • Secure network with high availability

  • 10Mbps to 10Gbps speeds

  • Fiber-Optic Access

  • Proactive management and monitoring with NOC 24x7

Features & Benefits

Prioritization of traffic

Traffic tagging on the network according to previously established priorities.


Quality of service on the network allowing high performance and better use of resources mainly with multimedia data voice and video.

24X7 NOC

Real-time access management through the Network Operating Center (NOC) that operates 24x7 with pro-active customer service.

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