About Us

About Us

2017 - Launch of the Wi-Fi product with access via Social Media; 2016 - New APP Telecall for corporate clients; Change of Visual Identity; Theater Partnership Bradesco, Reaction Institute and Resorts for All Orlando;

2015 - Launch of optical fiber in the Olympic area; Telecall cabin in Maracanã

2014 - Beginning of Internet Operation via Fiber Optics in RJ; Partnership with CAIXA, SEBRAE for lectures at the Business; Acquires Trinn’s customer network in Rio de Janeiro;

2013 - We have reached +500 Interconnections with international operators

2012 - Started business telephony for companies in Brazil;

2011 - Launch APP Telecall at the Apple Store; American Airlines Partnership (10 years SKICLUB);

2010 - Opening of the office in Madrid;

2009 - Obtainment of STFC and SCM licenses in Brazil;

2008 - We reached the mark of 100 million minutes / month;

2007 - We reached +200 Interconnections with international operators

2006 - Campaign of Celebrities Cards (Juliana Paes, Susana Werner, among others);

2005 - Sponsorship of Wanderley Silva at Pride (Japan);

2004 - US Prepaid Card Operations; Minotauro Sponsorship at Pride (Japan);

2003 - We reached +100 Interconnections with international operators

2002 - Public telephones in Japan

2001 - Agreement with major distributors in Japan;

2000 - Partership with American Airlines;

1999 - Launch of prepaid cards in Japan;

1998 - Company opening in the USA and Japan.